Welcome to social work educators, practitioners, activists and researchers that -all over the world- are currently enforcing or having experience of Ecosocial Work or ecological, environmental and green social work.

Ecosocial work strives towards an overall sustainability transition in social work and beyond. Environmental crises have profound social and economic consequences, increasing social inequality and vulnerability.
Ecosocial work aims to address these crises in social work education and practice. Despite the climate emergency, there are few courses on Ecosocial Work on European social work curricula and many educators, students and practitioners lack knowledge of Ecosocial Work in theory or practice. The purpose of this website is to exchange insights and materials on Ecosocial Work praxis across our network and more widely.

The aim of this website is to develop a collaborative teaching and learning community to increase the knowledge on Ecosocial Work
We invite you to share your publications, courses and practices about Ecosocial Work. Please mail us to share your material.
We invite you to help us producing an educator’s e-handbook on ecosocial work and participate in conference presentations and publications.

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